#Prepare: The first step to #suitcasefitness

In my first series of posts, I am going to discuss each of the three main tenets of maintaining good health on the road:

  • #prepare
  • #prioritize
  • #play

When it comes to preparation, there are two major concerns: nutrition and exercise.  The former is probably the most important.  So, ask yourself:

Do you have good food choices at your disposal?  This is important to curb wild cravings.  read: your goal is to avoid getting “hangry”.  That way, you’ll avoid making bad decisions.  For the most part, all the exercise in the world can’t make up for poor nutrition.   Not new thinking, I’m certainly stealing this from someone somewhere.

  • I’ll explore my approach in more detail in later posts, but I tend to use a lot of protein bars (because the nutrition is calculated) and the prepared food section at the grocery story (chicken breasts, tuna salad, prepared whole chickens etc).

Have you briefly searched for gym / fitness options?   I’m not here to bash/support any one approach to working out, it’s most important that you SIMPLY DO SOMETHING.  Also, feel comfortable.  Spend a little money to buy some workout clothes that make you feel confident.  Lastly, bring the items you use during a normal workout.  If you watch an iPad, bring an iPad.  If you jump rope, bring your jump rope.  If you carry a rubber chicken, keep that to yourself.   Not a whole gym bag worth, just something as a reminder.

  • I tend to use Google maps for Crossfit gyms and call them directly to understand the rates, community etc.  I shop at TJ Maxx for workout clothes, best deals around.  Except for shoes, need to make sure you have good support.  I have a small travel bag of my gym equipment, see my instagram @suitcasefitness.

The more you can #prepare to make your approach to #suitcasefitness resemble your approach to fitness at home, the more likely you’ll stay on the wagon.  Don’t beat yourself up for shorter workouts or not doing EXACTLY what you do when home.  Your goal is to #prepare enough to stay engaged, so you don’t feel totally out of sync when you return.

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We are busy. We are overbooked. We are traveling. We are unmotivated. We are tired. We are agitated. We are unproductive. We are overweight. We are unhappy. We are why. I'm a pharmacist, I travel regionally for work and have been all of these things. What elevates me from these emotional ditches? Good health. My nearly 100 year-old Italian grandmother "Nana" said a long time ago: "If you don't have your health, you don't have nothing." Considering she still rakes leaves and gives me hell for, well, just about everything, I think she's pretty damn sharp and fit. On the other end of the spectrum: My dad died at 65 from a heart attack. He was a diabetic, a previous smoker, a recovered drug addict, a food addict, hypertensive, arthritic, immobile nearing amputation and, simply, wasn't living. For all intensive purposes, I'm fit and healthy. Armed with degrees in biology and pharmacy (read: loans) and these two family stories, you'd think staying on track is easy. Newsflash: it's not. Traveling / Working / Fathering / Mothering / fill-in-the-blanking are obstacles we all have to overcome. So, how do we do it? Suitcase Fitness was born from the hope that by sharing my small health and fitness victories while traveling, others may be inspired to find new ways to stay engaged with their health. My vision is that others will use this venue to share their "baggage" and small steps taken to overcome health challenges. I get by with a little help from my friends. - The Beetles The things that last, never happen overnight. - Slaves

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