Sheraton Downtown Charlotte / Le Meridian

As it turns out, the Sheraton and Le Meridian are connect and the gym is on the Le Meridian side. It’s a nice way to show you how the other half lives before you trudge back to your lowly Sheraton room. I kidd, I kidd. This Sheraton particular Sheraton is well maintained and the staff has been super friendly and helpful.

As for the gym, another good spot. High, like 20ft high, ceilings in the gym get rid of the usual clostriphopic basement feeling of some hotels. Big windows looking in the 20M pool and  hot tub extend this wide open feeling. As for specs:

6 treadmills
4 elipticals
4 bikes
Weights up to 50lb dumbells
Usual array of machines
Swiss ball
Jump rope
A lot of open space for working out
Pool appears clean, well lit




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