Sheraton Downtown Philadelphia – Round 2

Another meeting, another workout challenge. You know the deal, 9 hours of meetings, followed by dinner. Exhausting and demotivating.

Day 1: Skip lunch and do this:


This comes from the WOD generator app from Amazon. I added another 1mi “sprint” at the end.  Its cold out and I know my running will suffer once old man winter leaves town.

Day 2: 6a partner WOD w my business partner.

Warm up w walking 26 floors, stretch
100 air squats
75 sit ups
50 burpees
25 thrusters
10 turkish get ups
25 hand stand push ups
50 dumbbell cleans
75 jumping lunges
100 DUs

For a made-up-before-bed workout, it did the job. I used 35lb dumbells for everything and should have used more.

For recovery, see the bagged powder from my instagram. I didnt have a shaker bottle, so I improvised w disposable coffee cups.


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