Meet @WanderingFitness – A new contributor to

Who knew, I’m not the only person who travels and like to drop in and share their experience.  @WanderingFitness and I met through my home box, we’ve done a competiton together and frankly, this dude crushes it.  So thankful he was willing to share some of his experiences while on the road.  With delay:

Hey Suitcase Fitness,

Fitness was always part of my life, an athlete from the beginning, working out and eating healthy was never much of a priority. Then came graduate school, 14 hour days sitting in a lecture hall or a library cubby does terrible things to your metabolism. I moved to Baltimore about two years ago after spending the previous 4 years of my life in and out of the hospital as I became a Physician Assistant.

I suddenly found my self with free time and dropped in to my local box looking to meet some new people and try to get back shape… Two years later, I drank the cool aid as I now meal prep, work out twice a day and oh yea… just completed my CF – L1 certification.

I work clinically 14 – 17 days a month, teach PA students twice a month and work on a few research projects the rest of the time. Trying to find time to stay healthy with this schedule can be difficult and I hope to share some of my secrets and learn from the community.

My first post will be about a Box I visited a few weeks ago while in Philadelphia.  Check back tomorrow for a write up for Crossfit University City in Philadelphia, PA.


If you want to share your story, send it on over to



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