Crossfit University City – Philadelphia, PA – @CFUcity

Thanks to @WanderingFitness for this contribution:

I spend a few days a month in Philadelphia teaching at one of the local PA programs, My home box uses wodify for classes and I used their WodiFind app to locate Crossfit University City. Waiver and payment are made through wodify and as I was already a member this was a breeze!


Sweet CFUcity T.
Sweet CFUcity T.


  • CrossFit University City
  • 109 S. 24th St.
  • Philadelphia, PA – 19103

Very easy to find with google maps, there was a large green sign in front of the entrance.


  • Terrence Fenningham
  • Mobile: 215-370-5971
  • Email:




Drop ins:


I emailed terrance the night before I planned to drop-in and heard back from one of the coaches in a few hours. I usually describe my self and my crossfit history in the email and ask if they have any specific classes they recommend for drop-in (I had an open schedule that day). They recommended the noon or 430 class.


20 dollars for a drop in or 60 dollars for a week.


It is on the second floor, which is a bit atypical for CF boxes based on my previous experiences and they ask you don’t drop weights, no big deal. Overall, the gym had a great atmosphere. All rogue rigs with a few concept 2 rowers in the middle. The gym was very clean and well managed. In regard to storage, there were cubbies along the front wall but no other storage that I identified. Typical bathroom and water fountain, no snacks for post work out or showers(that I identified).

They have a big black board in the middle of the gym with goals, PR’s, the warm-up and the workout. It would have nice for the WOD to be displayed on the website… but only a small inconvenience.


I attended the noon class, it was about 3:1 ratio of students to coaches. The lead coach was great, we talked a bit when I got to the gym and he was very engaged throughout the class. He did a great job of involving me as a drop-in and gave great pointers throughout the WOD.

We had a solid warm-up including the samson stretch, pull-ups, push-ups and rowing. I felt very prepared for the workout. The actual W.O.D was a team work out, one partner on the concept rower completing 500m a tick, the other two working through front squats, toes 2 bar and chest 2 bar pull ups. It was a blast and very scaleable!


I had a great time, was in and out and back to my day. Would defiantly recommend stopping by Crossfit University City if you are in the area and looking for a place to work-out!




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