Paleo Protein Bars – repost – detailed nutrition info

As an update to an early recipe for paleo breakfast bars that I modified into more protein-centric / meal replacement bars, I thought people might be interested in more detailed nutrition information around these bars.

Quick tip: Use My Fitness Pal as an easy way to calculate calories instead of trying to do it by hand.  What’s useful:  log into the site outside of the app and your can download detailed reports about other nutrients if you’re intereted.

There’s 7 grams of fiber per bar and you could add 3.5 grams of fat if you choose to grease the pan with coconut oil instead of with cooking spray.  Another option is to add a cup of apple sauce to sub out 2 bananas to bring the sugar down a little.

Paleo Protein Bar Nutrition Info
Paleo Protein Bar Nutrition Info






If you find some errors in this, do let me know.  Overall, a decent option if you’re ok with some extra carbs in your diet.



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