How to Make Gymnastic Grips – Athletic Tape

Hi gang –

My brother in law recently bought me a pair of natural grips. If you remember, the company was on shark tank. While my first pair of natural grips was great, ultimately they wore out and I needed a new pair so I asked to Gods of the Internet and they answered with a few different tutorials on making these grips from athletic tape.

The reason I’m writing this is because: 1) I am cheap and 2) some of the other methods I found required too much measuring and I wanted to find at least a “simpler ” way (probably in my own mind). I could be way off base, but I think this method works well.

I really prefer these over the leather based straps as they put a little less material between my palm and the bar. I used leather straps for a couple of months and they never really were broken in I guess. That may be my own impatience rearing its ugly head, but I wanted something that worked a little quicker and these were the answer for me.

So, let’s get going:

Step 1:

Measure for length of tape, they can be equal. For me they were about the length from the tip of my finger to my elbow.

Step 2:

Fold the length over on top of itself so the sticky parts are together.

Step 3:

Fold the strips end to end to make these little loops.

Step 4:

We’re fast forwarding a little, but I made an error on the first grip that I corrected on the second. Tape your two loops together like the one on the right.

Step 5:

Slip the loops over your middle and ring fingers for two reasons :

1) To figure out where you need to cut the bottom of the grips. You should have 1.5 to 2 inches of grip below your wrist so you can adequately tape the grips around your wrists (see the mark in the picture after next)
2) To ensure you have offset v middle finger and ring finger loops just lately, roughly 1/4 inch or less. Look at where the loops go around my fingers you can see the middle finger loop is set a little higher than the ring finger loop.

You’ll probably windup taking off that little piece of tape in the middle and pulling the loops down so the top of the loop is fairly snug around where your fingers meet your palm. (See how far down they are on my palm in the picture?) Once they’re in a good position, mark somewhere on the loops 2 inches below your palm so you can cut them appropriately.

Don’t worry that your loops don’t currently look like the ones pictured because I am fast forwarding a little bit to make sure you cut the straps to the right length and that you offset each loop enough

Step 6:

Once you have the length right, tape your loops up. Run a piece of tape down one side and then fold the tape and loop over to finish taping.


Step 7:

Place the two halves of each grip together by aligning the bottoms. Lock the two halves together with two pieces of athletic tape as seen below. Essentially, this is the same process you used when locking each loop together before they became a half of each grip.
The only difference is your place one piece of athletic tape that connects the left half from the right half and cut that strip of tape with enough length so it can be doubled over on the backside of the grip. then overlap another piece of athletic tape have the same length. If you look closely, you’ll see that there’s one cut piece of tape being overlapped by the working roll of tape.

Step 8:

And there you have it, you finished your first trip. Just repeat the process for the other hand from Step 4. Keep in mind, your second grip is going to be the mirror image of your first grip just like your left hand is the mirror image of your right hand. Basically I’m trying to avoid you making two left handed grips and then getting pissed at me because I didn’t specify. Hell, I would get pissed too.


I know it seems like a lot of instructions, but once you get started you’ll get the hang of it pretty quickly. good luck, I hope these lead to many more pullups and toes to bar and far fewer bloody hands.

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