Crossfit Love – @Crossfitlovephilly – Philadelphia, PA

A work conference brought me to Philadelphia for a few days.  A buddy of mine started Crossfit this year and seems to have really found a home at Crossfit Love.  Might as well check ’em out, right?  

I dropped in on two back to back days and received two days of focused coaching.  On day one, for strength, we did an EOMOM with hanging and full snatch cleans.  For endurance, we did a mini-“Manion”.  On day two, for strength, we worked on our split jerk.  For endurance, we revisitied “Fight Gone Bad”.  I have to say, I really appreciated the focused coaching on the Olympic lifts.  I received a number of tweaks and pointers for my snatch and split jerk.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • The facility caps most classes at 12, so you MUST MUST MUST sign up online ahead of time.   
  • You can pay for your drop in online (there’s a link below  
  • This is a smaller facility, but don’t let the size fool you or judge a book[blah blah].  You’ll receive personal attention that can be missed at other places and, you’re gonna get worked.  Hey, they had a handful of athletes in Regionals this year, they must be doing something right.  

  • They have a killer Oly facility in the basement called The Chamber.   I’ve never seen this type of dedicated space in my travels and it’s really great to know this is available.  
  • There’s a single shower in the basement, but I didn’t use it.

Drop in info:

  • Go to this site to register
  • Cost: $20 – they might be willing to strike a deal for a few days, so ask.
  • Address:   941 N. Front Street, Philadelphia, PA – Parking is easy, which is a blessing in the city.
  • Phone: 267.687.2858
  • General website
  • Email for questions, cost etc:

All in all, this box worked for my travel schedule; I gained some good points; and, I got great workouts both days. Give them a shot!


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