Raleigh Crossfit – Raleigh, NC – @raleighcrossfit


As work brought me to downtown Raleigh, Raleigh Crossfit was the closest option to my hotel (Sheraton).   You could run there in theory – 0.7 mi – but since I couldn’t find the WOD posted ahead of time, I wasn’t about to risk it.  Thank god, because the WOD was:

  • “Karen” (150 wall balls) 5min rest then 50 double squat wall balls.

After that nightmare was over, I wasn’t about to run home.  Sorry gang, just wasn’t that die hard that die.

Here’s a view from the inside:


Here’s a view from the Oly side:

Here are the particulars:

If you’re in downtown Raleigh, this is an easy spot to hit.  They have ample parking too.  And, there’s enough BBQ to undo any good you’ve done while visiting.


2 thoughts on “Raleigh Crossfit – Raleigh, NC – @raleighcrossfit”

  1. Thank you for taking the time to visit and train with us. We appreciate the videos, photo and write up. Safe travels! See you next time!


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