@crossfitwreckage – Charlotte, NC

It’s been a busy week!  As I spend a lot of time in the Carolinas, I’m sharing a post for a box that’s REALLY convenient if you around the Charlotte airport.  Enter:

Crossfit Wreckage


Here are the particulars:

  • Drop in
    • There isn’t a online waiver or payment process available beforehand as far as I could tell
  • WOD
  • Address:
    • 8715-B Wilkinson Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28214 Near Sam Wilson Rd. (Look for playground equipment)
  • Phone:
  • Email

I left a email to the owner Billy, who called me back promptly to confirm that dropping in wouldn’t be a problem.  His wife Miranda was super sweet and he brother Caleb was in the class, also a good dude.

They had me do this:

Deadlifts: 5-5-2-2-2


14 Min. AMRAP – Rounds & Reps
12 Sit-ups
10 SDHP 95/65
8 T2B
6 Goblet Squats 53/35

We warmed up with a 400m run and came back in for some plyometrics.  No big surprise there.  Got the hamstrings as warm as they can be for sets of 2.  As for the metcon, it was one of those slow and steady approaches.  The SDHPs were the great equilizer in this one.  Just straight dread.  This time of year, everything is so wet from the humidity.  There wasn’t enough chalk in the world to keep me from slipping during those T2Bs.

A real nice gang and fairly huge space makes for a good experience.  A single bathroom and no shower (from what I could tell) were the only limitations from a travel perspective.





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