Crossfit Gulch – Nashville, TN @crossfitgulch

The America’s Health Insurance Plan meeting brought me to Nashville last week.  And, let me tell you, I’m glad that it did.  I dropped in at Crossfit Gulch on the reccommendation of a buddy and his girl that are moving to the area and are joining the box.  image


Troy putting in work on the airdyne.
Troy putting in work on the airdyne.

I dropped in twice and ate BBQ here twice:


And ate this twice:

Best post work out ever.  There’s probably evidence against me on this one but I loved every minute.  This place was not even 100 yards from the front steps of CFG.  Not that I didn’t want a protein bar and a KillCliff…

Back to the gym:

Everyone I met was SUPER nice.  Rebecca, Troy, Chris, Trey – killing it! They really made me feel welcome.

  1. Email before you drop in.  Depending on the workout, there might be a cap so I don’t want you to show up and not be able to drop in if you’re on a tight schedule.  Rebecca got a hold of me quickly and was easy to correspond with over email.
  2. Fill out the Wodify waiver they send over.
  3. WOD
  4. Drop in info
    • You’ll find the drop in stuff @ bottom
  5. Info
    • Addy: 602 9th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203
    • Phone: 615-293-4439
  6. There is a shower, hooray!  I was literally living out of my work suitcase that week and it was a life saver.

Here were the WODs we did:

Wednesday – 185lb push pressed?  Don’t mind if I do!  Cool 3 person WOD and a significant challenge.

Thursday – 12 min of burpees and DUs is a long 12 minutes.  I think I’ll take this one on the road with me in the future.  Always have your rope with you, right?

If you’re at Nashville City Center, this is an easy box to find.  Hell, if you’re in Nashvegas, it’s worth stopping in no matter where you are.

Stay hungry y’all –



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