Albany Crossfit (@albanycrossfit) from @WanderingFitness – Albany, NY

@WandingFitness Here,

I recently headed to upstate New York for a little rest and relaxation and visited one of the earliest Crossfit Boxes in New York, Crossfit Albany. They have a long history opening their doors in 2007, before rogue fitness and even before the crossfit games as we know them today!



Crossfit Albany
444 Sand Creek Road
Albany,NY 12205
Behind Colonie Center, located within The Court Club


Phone: (518) 250 – XFIT (9348)



MTWTH: 530, 630, 8, 9, 12, 330, 5, 6, 7, 830
F:  530, 630, 8, 9, 12, 330, 5, 6
Sat: 8, 8, 930, 12
Sun: 10

Drop ins:



20 dollars for a drop-in


Located within The Racket Club, a racquetball club located in Albany New York. The place is Huge and has been growing since its inception. They have three separate spaces and run 10 classes a day every day of the week.

The main room has a ton of space with a great rig along one side and a variety of speal bars(my favorite). I only poked my head in the other rooms but one has a nice setup of oly platforms and squatting rigs.


I attended one of the AM classes(I don’t remember which), there were about 6 students.  The coach was young but very energetic, he walked us through a skill set and the workout of the day. Warm up was great, worked through each movement and he gave out a number of pointers. We started by finding our one rep max hanging snatch and then progressed to the W.O.D. It was a brutal combination of burpees, squat snatch and bar muscle ups… I was wiped!


One of my favorite affiliates, Absolutely beautiful facility and a great history!!!! There are a number of outfits in Albany and this will be my goto next time I visit.


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