Four Hour Body Results – In short: IT WORKS. (@timferriss)

Over the past 4 weeks, I tried a version of the 4 hr body from Tim Ferris.  At the core, I followed the diet and supplement reccommendations but not the workouts or “ice baths”.  As mentioned in my first post on this topic, I continued Crossfit – 5 days per week – because I wanted to understand how this diet would affect my performance.  First, here are my measurments (number after dashes is post diet):

Neck: 15.25in — 15 5/8
wrist : 7in (yes, I have two wrists) — no change
Right bicep: 14.25in — 14.5
Left bicep: 14.5in — 14.75
Navel: 38in — 36
Hips: 39.5in — 38.5
Right quad: 24.5in — 24
Left quad: 24.75in — 24
Forearm: 11.5in (yes, I have 2 arms) — 12
Body fat: 24.5% – couldn’t calculate
Weight: 195 lbs – I didn’t have the same scale, so I didn’t record.

Generally, I lost 2 inches from my navel, gained size in my arms and very clearly changed my body composition.  If anything, people saying, “Hey, what have you been doing?!” If that’s not a metric for success, I don’t know what is.

I went from a place where I couldn’t see any abs, but my stomach was reasonably flat, to this:
I didn’t notice any strange side effects either.  I was getting up in the middle of the night to pee more often than I previously recalled, but I have trouble associating that entirely with the program as I was drinking a lot of water.  Also, I didn’t have biblical gas.  I thought this diet would really strain my marriage and actually, I think it worked well.  My wife liked that I could drink wine with her.  I also made it a point to try and not split hairs about where we went for dinner and simply found something that worked.  That usually meant meat, salad.

Oh, and the glorious cheat day.  I think it’s so so so important that you really go crazy here.  You should hate yourself, just a little, when this day is over.  It makes the next 6 days not so bad. It was simply a stream of consciousness of eating – walked into starbucks for coffee, bought a peanut butter cup to go with my black eye.  Yes, I’ll have the sausage gravy over my fried chicken, biscut, eggs and hash browns.  At the movies, the box of peanut M&Ms was glorious.  And come Sunday, beans and eggs for breakfast.  No problem.

Another thing I learned: fake sugar really makes you hungrier. I avoided protein bars except for Saturdays and kept to the no more than 16 Oz of diet drinks. (Tons of lemon water though) In the past week, I ate 2 protein bars (380 calories each) which probably was at least the amount of calories I consumed at a meal and in 2 hours, I was ravenous again. Had another protein bar. Still not satiated. Stick to whole foods the best you can, it’s amazing the difference this choice makes.

The idea of eating more at each feeding w fewer feedings was a hard readjustment for me. It turns out that this was better for my day to day focus at work because I wasn’t always trying to eat every two hours. The preparation goes without saying, it’s a big deal. You also need to give yourself enough time to ACTUALLY eat and, news flash, big meals take time to eat. But, keeping an ounce of nuts or small pre-packaged peanut butter is great for that 2hr “bridge” before a workout.

As for Crossfit, I felt as good as I ever have.  Honestly, I was probably getting more carbs than I normally would under a paleo framework.  If anything, this was as close to completing a Whole30 challenge.  And, I didn’t go insane.  And, I’m still doing the diet.  And, tomorrow is Saturday.

Let’s dance, chicken parm sub and bread pudding.  I’m coming for you.


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