What Works For You? I Need Something New (RESPONSE REQUESTED)

I’ve been fairly quiet the past few weeks.  Beyond experimenting with the 4-hour Body, I’ve really just been trying to keep my head above water by eating right and working out.  This comes from the fact that both my wife and I changed jobs and we moved.  Might as well tack a kid on there too and get married again, right?  

Needless to say, it’s a lot to manage.  But, all these changes create a new opportunity.  I need a new Crossfit gym, I need a new grocery story, I need a new approach.  So, that’s “fun” right??1

I’ve got some ideas; however, have you tried something that really blew your mind?  Workout, diet, a supplement etc?

I’d love to hear what’s worked for you.  Always interested in a new experiment!

– SF


2 thoughts on “What Works For You? I Need Something New (RESPONSE REQUESTED)”

  1. Well I think that just getting out and about like going for an afternoon or morning stroll is good and if u want to do even more then u can choose a program for a fun run or something I think that the low carb high fat diet is a really good diet! It makes u feel full and u don’t eat as much! There are lots of books and movies and research on this diet and I definitely recommend this! Hope u try it! 🙂


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