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I don’t care how in love with Crossfit, Les Mills, FlyWheel, Soul Cycle, Rev Cycle you are – you always need a break from the norm.  And, I’m no exception.

While I was outside of PHL this week, I dropped in to an Orange Theory gym in Langhorne, PA.  I was greeted by Jessie and John (I think, sorry!!) – both very welcoming and warm.  Jessie is a new franchise owner, so it was really cool to see her enthusiasm.  Hell, it made me want to open a franchise, I gotta be honest.










Jessie and staff
Jessie and staff













If you want to visit this location, here’s the deets:

Here are some particulars about visiting these places:
  1. Arrive 30min early.  You’ve got some paperwork to sign and give the owners some time to show you around.  Even if you’ve done it before and you’re not a member, give the owners the courtesy.
  2. If you’re a newbie, don’t be discouraged or scared.  The coaches do a great job explaining the exercises.  Again, see point 1, give them time to show you around.  The exercises are those you seen before.  You may want to ask about rowing form however, that was one area that OTF might slack.
  3. Generally, it seems your first class is free.
  4. Just keep moving and don’t let your ego get the best of you.  The coach I had at Langhorne said it a number of times “if you feel dizzy or tired, drink water and take a break”.  It’s a different level of exertion from other types of programs.  Most Crossfit athletes don’t run as much as you would @ an OTF program.  It’s really cool that they capture some data while working out, but don’t let it get the best of you.
Some rates
Some rates

Here are my results:


I was gassed and I was pleased that I didn’t overdo it.   I’ll take 800+ calories.  Granted, I did want to throw around some barbells when I was done.  Can take the guy out of the box…or so the saying goes.

It’s worth a try, especially when you’re sore.  The weights / strength work are as demanding as you want to make it, but will never eclipse the loads moved in Crossfit or other strength / OLY programs, but hey, maybe that’s not so bad.  Maybe you could use a little active recovery?  Same story with running and rowing – you make it as challenging as you want.  If you’re a group fitness person, when was the last time you were on a treadmill?  Don’t go having a PTSD episode and break into a cold sweat – it was a nice change from the usual dodging of people and sidewalk cracks during a WOD.

Have at it, y’all –


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