Visit Brickwall Crossfit – Salt Lake City, UT – @brickwallcrossfit

A medical conference brought me to the great Salt Lake for my first time.  Somewhere in my consciousness, I was preparing for a crossfit workout at 4-5K feet above sea level.  Enter: Brickwall Crossfit, a centrally located box with great hours, an open and airy facility and welcoming staff.  

While I had never spent any time in SLC other than passing through on the way to Park City, I was pleasantly surprised with my experience.  I had some dominant sushi @ Takashi and a solid Middle Eastern meat plate at Atlantic Market and Cafe.

Brickwall Crossfit!!
Brickwall Crossfit!!








Numero dos!
Numero dos!

I sent an inquiry through their contact form on the website and received a response back from Greg the same day.  No muss no fuss, just “Come on in!”.

We did a 25min burner AMRAP which was just what I needed at that altitude:

  • 800m Run
  • 15 GHDs
  • 15 burpees
  • 1000m Row
  • 20 leg ups
  • 20 pistols

I arrived ~30min early and met Coach Ethan.  He was really accomodating and was cool with me doing my own programming, granted – I wanted to work out with the class.


  • 26 East 600 South
    Salt Lake City, Utah 84111
    Phone: (801) 502-1798
  • Classes:

The only challenge I had was that I couldn’t find drop in information and the WOD wasn’t posted that I could tell.  Certainly could have been user error on my part too.  At the end of the day, they were responsive to email and I simply wanted to workout – they could have listed double FRAN and I would have still gone in.


Good group and great spot in SLC, check them out!

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We are busy. We are overbooked. We are traveling. We are unmotivated. We are tired. We are agitated. We are unproductive. We are overweight. We are unhappy. We are why. I'm a pharmacist, I travel regionally for work and have been all of these things. What elevates me from these emotional ditches? Good health. My nearly 100 year-old Italian grandmother "Nana" said a long time ago: "If you don't have your health, you don't have nothing." Considering she still rakes leaves and gives me hell for, well, just about everything, I think she's pretty damn sharp and fit. On the other end of the spectrum: My dad died at 65 from a heart attack. He was a diabetic, a previous smoker, a recovered drug addict, a food addict, hypertensive, arthritic, immobile nearing amputation and, simply, wasn't living. For all intensive purposes, I'm fit and healthy. Armed with degrees in biology and pharmacy (read: loans) and these two family stories, you'd think staying on track is easy. Newsflash: it's not. Traveling / Working / Fathering / Mothering / fill-in-the-blanking are obstacles we all have to overcome. So, how do we do it? Suitcase Fitness was born from the hope that by sharing my small health and fitness victories while traveling, others may be inspired to find new ways to stay engaged with their health. My vision is that others will use this venue to share their "baggage" and small steps taken to overcome health challenges. I get by with a little help from my friends. - The Beetles The things that last, never happen overnight. - Slaves

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