Beef Jerky: A Love Story

This is a repost, but the message is the same and now we have video!!  Enjoy Prince, the meats and my stupid humor.

Well, my wife (“Mertle”), in a kind and thoughtful gesture, bought me a food dehydrator (“& Jerky Maker” which, we’ll call “Jerri” for this exercise).  Little did Mertle know, this would be her undoing.

In an elaborate fantasy chain, I’ve courted Jerri over the course of mutiple dates, introduced her to my parents, celebrated the holidays with her family (envision that?!), moved in together, rescued a dog and asked for, uh, hand in marriage.  Needless to say, I’m in love; the feeling is mutual; and, we plan to spend the rest of our lives together.

In reality land, I’m walking a fine line of bringing Jerri to bed with Mertle and I.  Seriously. I LOVE THIS THING.

In an unscientific search of The Google, the first jerky recipe I came across was from Alton Brown (@altonbrown). You gotta respect a guy that is so committed to Jerky (yes, it’s a proper noun) that he’d publish a recipe using HVAC filters, bungee cords and a box fan.  In any event, I’ve used his recipe across 4 (this list will likely update] different cuts of beef:

Flank steak, 5 hours of drying at 165
Brisket, 12 hours of drying at 135
Pot Roast, 12 hours of drying at 135
London Broil, 12 hours of drying at 135
Strip Steak, 12 hours of drying at 135

The current winner?  ALL OF THEM; Here are some caveats:

I don’t mind fattier jerky. Pot roast is always on sale it seems and even though it’s fatty, I didn’t find I needed to cut with the grain. All cutting worked and it came great.
Pot Roast requires the most prep, next to brisket due to the fat.
Flank was the first attempt and, it was probably the most consistent and easy to slice
London broil is lean and usually on sale – best bang for the buck.
Oddly, the brisket came more salty than the other cuts of meat.  If this has something to do with the fat content, you’d bet on the pot roast, by the look of it, being the saltiest.  Not true, I say.
What’s next?  Flank steak again, at 12 hours of drying.
Otherwise, I’ve used the same recipe each time. Marinated for ~4hrs.

Girfriends, fiances, wives, mothers, aunts, sisters…It may be months away from the holidays; but, give a man you love the most special and selfless gift: A Jerky Maker.

Any suggestions?



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