Crossfit Diamond State – Super easy Delaware Drop in – @cfdiamondstate

Do you run up and down the 95 corridor from PHL to DC that you could actually close your eyes and still arrive safely?

Well don’t.  You’ll miss a great box in Delaware that makes it super easy to get in, get out and get on your way.  Hellllloooo Crossfit Diamond State!

Sweet mural
Sweet mural

For the traveler, this place is excellent because:

Seems like a decent recipe, right?

View from the back
View from the back
Baby kitchen
Baby kitchen
Landing for coats, bags
Landing for coats, bags

When I dropped in, I had to laugh as it was my third workout that week and the two prior ALL CONTAINED THRUSTERS.  The crossfit open gods have spoken, Jesus H.  That day, they had 2, 7 min AMRAPs or OHS/burpee over bar and Thrusters/burpee over bar (3-6-9-12-15-barf-18) and coach Eli was cool with me subing heavy squat cleans for thrusters.  Needless to say, I didn’t get very far up the ladder.  We warmed up as a group, got in small groups for strength and then set up for the WOD.  Of note, the warm up was specific for the movements that were part of the workout.  Not every place is like this and you get the same warm up, every day, regardless of the movement.

Lastly, the energy was high.  Love it or hate it, there were some other members in the gym working on strength, skill outside the class.  I personally like the energy as long as it’s not totally derailing.  I didn’t think it was.

Some random members that I hadn’t met before were cheering for me as I slogged my way over the bar between burpess, and that’s cool.

So get the F our of your car while on 95 and hit this place up!

Happy trails,



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