Paleo Beef Jerky Bar – Suitcase Kitchen Episode 3!

Meat in a nutrition bar?  EPIC does it, so why can’t I?

Preparation is the most important aspect of maintaining your healthy lifestyle.  Whether that’s looking like a drifter with a car full of gym clothes, changes of clothes and shower necessities or just having a quick go-to snack in your bag to avoid poor food choices, there’s no axiom more crucial to supporting your healthy behavior and keeping you on track.

I love me some nutrition bars.  Look at the passenger area of my car –  wrapper graveyard.  For all the souls that lost their battle to my hunger, I’ve been trying to be more compassionate to the plight of the nutrition bar and make my own.  I’ve tried this is a number of capacities.  An earlier version can be found here.  While I like this version, people tend to dislike the use of protein powders in their recipes.  I love this version as a breakfast substitute – warm it up for a banana bread esk meal!

Back to the important stuff.  Jerky in a bar you say?  Let me ask you this – what other protein sources are there?  Meat, duh.  Fancy that I have a ton of this around, so I thought, let’s give it a go.  And beef jerky is an easy addition. No offense to the makers of EPIC bar, it’s just not my thing.  But, to their credit, I think their approach validates my small innovation here.

I’m headed back to a paleo diet after the Crossfit Open (presently following the Zone Diet) and I am also a sucker for measuring everything (probably why I like the Zone).  I have a hard time finding any references around macronutrient ratios for paleo; however, one article I came across makes the suggestion that following the ratios observed in human breast milk could be a way to go.  So, this bar follows a P/F/C ratio of 20%/60%/20%. Generally, a paleo diet is higher fat and lower carb and I can’t see why this approach wouldn’t work.  You could say there’s an overconsumption of animal-based protein with paleo (how dare I?), but I am finding that may be more true as I experiement with more plant based protein.

The video depicts my 3rd attempt w these bars.   Hope they find their way into your oven and subsequent routine!



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