United Barbell – Crossfit SoMa – San Francisco, CA – @unitedbarbell

Some good friends brought me out to California for a few days and lucky for me, United Barbell, the home of Crossfit SoMa, was only a block away. For business or pleasure, the online reservations, waiver and variety of classes made it easy to get a workout in.

When you walk in, you’ve got the primary WOD area up front.

Coach Steve was the first person I met and coached our class. See him in action, here:

As for logistics:

  • Site
  • WOD
  • Drop In Info for visiting athlete
  • Location – 681 4th St, SF, CA
  • Contact
  • Rates: $30/class.
  • Credit cards accepted: Yes
  • Online class check in, waiver and payment: Yes
  • Showers: Yes
  • Lockers/Storage: Yes
  • Requires contact from you / home box before attending: No
  • Offers discounted rates for multiple days: Unsure.
  • Kitchen: No
  • Services: None that I noticed.
  • Food for purchase: None that I noticed


The pictures above and below are of the back area of the box. They essentially have an equivalent space in the back of the gym with another pull up rig, mobility bands/rollers, bars, bumper plates. I had arrived a little early one day and was able to use the space to practice the myriad of things I suck at.


I didn’t get a chance to ask about the two different names the space uses, but it would imply there’s some kind of Olympic lifting culture here.


Coach Steve and I post WOD. Never have I ever…done slam balls. Holy crap. I’ll take double unders every day, times 5. Poor souls that sub these for other exercises, I have massive respect for you.



And, I made brisket. Some people bring hire house warming gifts, I spend the day braising meats for your eating pleasure. Yes, I’m looking for an invite 🙂

And then there was Friday. Where I tried 16.4. And tweaked my back. What a bummer, guess it’s no Games for me this year. Jokes and jokes. Worse things could happen, now I’m on the mend and eating brisket.

Major major major thanks to Steve and the owner, Jenny, for opening their doors to me to try 16.4 – they had an amazingly efficient process for their “Friday Night Lights” and made me feel right at home.


What’s important to know about this area is that it was accessible to all forms of public transportation, a grocery store (hence the brisket), a bunch of decent restaurants (I went to Primo Patio for the plantains, TWICE), pharmacy and a great gym. I wasn’t paying attention to hotels, but you’ve got everything you need here for a great couple of days.

No excuses for not keeping your act together in SF, happy trails!


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