Crossfit Belmont – Charlotte, NC – @cfbelmont

After a brief stint as part of an internal team at my company, I’m back out in the field.  And that means more drop ins…and more t-shirts.  I could make a quilt at this point…

Back to Charlotte and thankful to stretch my catchment a little further west of the airport to land at Crossfit Belmont.  If you’re in and out of Charlotte, want to get a workout in with a nice bunch of folks and not be a sweaty mess on the return flight, CF Belmont is your answer.





There’s a lot to like about Crossfit Belmont:

  • INVITIING staff!  I met Mark and Lisa on my two visits to date and they really make me feel welcome, it’s pretty awesome.
  • 10min from CLT Airport
  • Full locker room
  • 2 showers
  • Oly and general WOD areas
  • Amenable to working on your box’s local programming (in Oly area) – naturally, you need to be mindful of their class activities.




Drop in #1 – 10x100m sprints.  Oh goodie!

Drop in #2 – Open WOD 14.4.  Remember the 60 cal row, 50 TTB, 40 WB, 30 cleans and 20 MUs…I’d rather not : )

Marc and Lisa have been nothing but awesome each time I’ve stopped in.  Not to mention, they give me a little shit, which Iike.  And, coaching.  Lisa has always been quick to jump in and offer suggestions…which I can always use.

Yo Marc!
Yo Marc!

Some additional specs:

  • Site
  • WOD
  • Schedule
  • Drop In Info for visiting athlete
  • Location – 81 McAdenville Road, Belmont, NC 28012
  • Contact
    • Name: Marc Cox
    • Phone Number: (704) 426-7286
    • E-Mail:
    • FaceBook Page: CrossFit Belmont
  • Rates: $10/class.
  • Credit cards accepted: Yes
  • Online class check in, waiver and payment: No (wodify)
  • Showers: Yes
  • Lockers/Storage: Yes
  • Requires contact from you / home box before attending: No
  • Offers discounted rates for multiple days: Unsure.
  • Kitchen: No.  I didn’t look close enough, next time!
  • Services: None that I noticed.
  • Food for purchase: None that I noticed
Lisa, sorry I didn't give you a heads up on the photo op...
Lisa, sorry I didn’t give you a heads up on the photo op…

For the traveler – the facility is located in a shopping center that houses a BP gas station.  While the station itself leaves much to be desired, you can fill up your rental, reheat some food (they have a microwave) and be back at the airport in 10min.  For me, that’s effing efficiency right there.

Sidenote – There’s a part of me that also LOVES that they took over an old Planet Fitness.  No more willpower-crushing, pizza-and-chocolate-milk friday parties in that space anymore.  I’m not joking.  Secretly, you, too, hate Planet Fitness.  If you don’t, spend $10 and walk in with a jump rope.  I’ll give you 10 min, max, before the general managers informs you that jumping is against policy.  If anyone feels like arranging a fitness “flash mob” to cripple a PF with…gasp…burpees…, even for just 5 minutes…like this post.

Happy trails gang.  Find your fitness wherever the road leads you.



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