Swamp Rabbit Crossfit – Greenville, SC – @swamprabbitcrossfit

An excessively delayed flight and a buddy living in Greenville, SC gave me an extra day to explore and drop in to Swamp Rabbit Crossfit.  All in all, this place has it down and makes business travel drop ins reallllly easy.

This place is huuuge
This place is huuuge
Front desk
Front desk
Oly area, supplemental rig
Oly area, supplemental rig
Oly part 2
Oly part 2
Swamp rabbit trail entrance
Swamp rabbit trail entrance

Swamp Rabbit Crossfit makes things easy:

  • Online waiver and payment for Wodify users
  • Full locker room, new renovations
  • 2 showers
  • Oly and general WOD areas
  • I would imagine you could hit your independent or home box programming with all the space they have outside of the general WOD area, but be sure to ask first.
  • Easy parking

As for the workout, it was something like the cousin of the Filthy 50:


The only real caution I’d make is regarding their floors.  Everything is concrete.  Kudos to the staff as they made it a point to mention this as we were doing box jumps and landing on concrete 50+ times is less than awesome for your joints.  On the note of programming and flow, SRC ran things how Ilike to see classes handled.  I know some dudes and ladies roll their eyes at ice breakers, but whatever – when you travel and you’re by yourself a lot, it’s a nice welcome. We had a programmed warm up, went through ALL the movements and got started. The review of the movements was important – no one in the class was a newbie but the coaches paid special attention to everyone’s form regardless of their ability. Kudos part 2.

Check out this sweet outdoor space too:

Some other specifications to keep in mind:

  • Site
  • WOD
  • Schedule
  • Drop In Info for visiting athlete
  • Location
  • Contact
  • Phone Number: 864.438.1450
  • EMail: swamprabbitcrossfit@gmail.com 
  • Rates: $20/class or $30 for a shirt
  • Credit cards accepted: Yes
  • Online class check in, waiver and payment: Yes (wodify)
  • Showers: Yes
  • Lockers/Storage: Yes
  • Requires contact from you / home box before attending: No
  • Offers discounted rates for multiple days: Unsure.
  • Kitchen: No. I didn’t look close enough, next time!
  • Services: None that I noticed
  • Food for purchase: drinks and meal replacements 

Side note: the owners of SRC also own Freehub bicycles and Soul Yoga. They offer some bundling of rates for yoga, so if you’re in town for a few days, give it a go.

Oh and lastly, it’s hot. As hell. Stay cool my friends.

– SF


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