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Suitcase Kitchen: Stuffed Pork

Happy new year!  Yes, it’s still an appropriate pleasantry as this is my first real post of 2017.  I gather a mess of you are in the midst of a New Year’s Resolution or just trying to pick up the pieces after a messy (read: fun) holiday season.  I fall into the latter category.  Every year.

No need for excessive motivational words.  Long and short: Prepare.   There’s simply no better return on investment that having quality meals available.  You’ll be better in the gym, better at work, patient with your spouse, kids and will miraculously learn calculus.  I like pork, here’s a recipe.

If you need some motivation, check out my last motivational video regarding fitness communities.  We’re here for you.

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Keep at it!

–  SF


Crossfit Cove – Columbia, MD

My local box hosted a level one Crossfit seminar this weekend and, without a home, the gang took the show to the road.  Thankfully, Crossfit Cove is a home away from home, an oasis one might say, in Columbia, MD.  You know what they also have a lot of in Columbia?  Office buildings and families.  So if you’re in the area for work or you call Columbia home, this is the box for you.

First:  What a great space!  Big, open and brand-spanking new equipment.  Their coaches and programming are stellar and they have a “kiddie cove” for managing the youngins’ while you get your WOD on.  I mean, how cute is this husband and wife pair?


Give Brian and Marina a go!

Address:  7175 Oakland Mills Road Suite M, Columbia, MD 21046
Phone: (443) 583-4351

A group dropped in to the Saturday 10a class and, after a rousing warm up from dodgeball hit this partner WOD:

60 KBs
40 Pull ups
60 Sit Ups
40 Cleans
60 Box Jumps

2 rounds for time

Just what a guy needs after finishing 15.4 and undoing any good work with food and drinks at the bar.  These ladies handled it better me, that much I’m sure.


All in all, a great experience.  If you’re on the fence about Crossfit, I think this group will put you on the right side for  you.