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Access the facilities I’ve visited in this state!

Crossfit Nassau – Mammouth Junction, NJ – @crossfitnassau

What a refreshing experience.  Drop in, you won’t be disappointed. Two friends for drop ins, tons of classes, great space, nice people.

Link to the site:

Things I like:

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Chrono Crossfit – Hillsborough, NJ

Weird, I work in the pharmaceutical industry and my home office is in NJ?  Go on….

After business hours, I dropped in to Chrono Crossfit and met Anton, Yuri and the dog, Volt (I think?).  It’s set back in a business park, but google maps got me to their front door with no problem.


We warmed up with some active movements and then moved into a strength WOD with front squats (5 sec up and down) 5×5 and barbell rows (which Yuri helped me work on my upper back erectors, sorry for the poor physiology term).  The endurance WOD was:

  • One arm Russian KB swings
  • One arm KB cleans
  • One arm KB squats
  • 7 x 4
    • One round consists of all movements done with the left arm, then done with the right arm.  Each exercise was performed w 4 reps.

One thing I really enjoy about dropping in at other gyms is experiencing their training methodology.  This particular drop in was great because they had me focus on single handed kettle bell work that I simply have little experience with.  Yuri really paid a ton of attention to me during my warm up, strength WOD and endurance WOD.  Simply good guys with some really kind members.  These guys have a keen focus on form and resultant functon.

Phone:  609-759-1393


Drop in fee: $20 and comes w  a shirt

Give them a go if you’re in North Jersey!