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Crossfit Belmont – Charlotte, NC – @cfbelmont

After a brief stint as part of an internal team at my company, I’m back out in the field.  And that means more drop ins…and more t-shirts.  I could make a quilt at this point…

Back to Charlotte and thankful to stretch my catchment a little further west of the airport to land at Crossfit Belmont.  If you’re in and out of Charlotte, want to get a workout in with a nice bunch of folks and not be a sweaty mess on the return flight, CF Belmont is your answer.

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Raleigh Crossfit – Raleigh, NC – @raleighcrossfit


As work brought me to downtown Raleigh, Raleigh Crossfit was the closest option to my hotel (Sheraton).   You could run there in theory – 0.7 mi – but since I couldn’t find the WOD posted ahead of time, I wasn’t about to risk it.  Thank god, because the WOD was:

  • “Karen” (150 wall balls) 5min rest then 50 double squat wall balls.

After that nightmare was over, I wasn’t about to run home.  Sorry gang, just wasn’t that die hard that die.

Here’s a view from the inside:


Here’s a view from the Oly side:

Here are the particulars:

If you’re in downtown Raleigh, this is an easy spot to hit.  They have ample parking too.  And, there’s enough BBQ to undo any good you’ve done while visiting.

Carolina Crossfit, Columbia, SC & Charlotte, NC

Another trip to the Carolinas brought me to Charlotte and Columbia.  While in Charlotte, I stayed at the Sheraton Four Points Airport hotel.  Generally, these gyms are smaller than full service Sheraton hotels. 


This is a pretty cost effective option and there’s a CVS across street. Also, Crossfit South Charlotte in less than a mile away. The north / south light rail also has a station down the street. All things considered, this place works for travel.  These gyms don’t look like much, but I think it offers an opportunity: get in a treadmill workout you wouldn’t normally do. Here was my approach from @crossfit_federalhill:

500m run
10 burpees
400m run
20 burpees
300m run
30 burpees
200m run
40 burpees
100m run

I then headed to Columbia for a meeting and, once my work was done, dropped in at Carolina Crossfit. I was met by Kunze and Reily, great dudes! Thanks again for being cool with me getting in my local box’s workout.


I’ve dropped in here 3 or 4 times. They offer a traditional crossfit class as well as a “balance” class that offers some traditional crossfit movements with some additional emphasis on endurance and mobility. Depending what you’re in the mood for, either class provides a good workout.  Another thing I like about this box is that they generally have open gym between 1 and 4 most days. This works great for me as I like to get my home workouts in when I’m on the road.  And while that first picture doesn’t do this place any justics… this place is massive:


You can only really see half the gym in the above photo. They recently added a new structure w pull up bars, wall ball targets, gymnastics rings and areas for HSPUs.

Address: 1825 Laurel St, Columbia, SC 29201
Phone: 803-479-6966

All in all, a good trip! Thankful to have a few good spots to stay active on the road.

Flywheel Sports Charlotte, NC (@FLY_Charlotte)

Although I am not new to spinning, Flywheel as a brand was new to me, until today.  Dropped in for my first class (which was free, by the way!) after a suggestion from a work colleague in Charlotte, NC (@FLY_Charlotte)

Address: 2907 Providence Road, Charlotte, NC 28211.  There are entrances on Providence and Sharon roads as the entrance (seen below) is located in the back of the building (main signage is essentially on S. Sharon Ave)


Long and short: Great first experience.  I legitimately logged into the website, created an account and signed up for a class as my plane to NC was taxing on the runway of BWI airport.

I walked in and was greeted by these two; computers on the right for easy class sign in; and, a cubby with my spin shoes waiting for me.  In addition to the clean, fresh towels waiting for me, there were 2 bathrooms (that I saw), changing rooms and free lockers.


Abbie (@Abbsfly) was the instructor and she killed it.  Taught with the beat and pushed us above tempo where needed.  Nothing ever felt too contrived or repetitive.  I came in 6th or 7th in my class and found my performance (what seems like immediately) online.


For a traveler, the set up was perfect and efficient.  45min, in and out, clean facility, nice people, ample parking, easy registration.  Done and done.

Sheraton Downtown Charlotte / Le Meridian

As it turns out, the Sheraton and Le Meridian are connect and the gym is on the Le Meridian side. It’s a nice way to show you how the other half lives before you trudge back to your lowly Sheraton room. I kidd, I kidd. This Sheraton particular Sheraton is well maintained and the staff has been super friendly and helpful.

As for the gym, another good spot. High, like 20ft high, ceilings in the gym get rid of the usual clostriphopic basement feeling of some hotels. Big windows looking in the 20M pool and  hot tub extend this wide open feeling. As for specs:

6 treadmills
4 elipticals
4 bikes
Weights up to 50lb dumbells
Usual array of machines
Swiss ball
Jump rope
A lot of open space for working out
Pool appears clean, well lit