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CrossFeels and Fitness Friends

There’s something to be said about the relationships you develop through wins, losses, suffering, success – mainly, they’re pretty solid.  This applies to a number of experiences, but today, we’re talking about fitness.  No matter kind of physical activity I’ve undertaken, I generally have found good people and, importantly, life-long friends.  Plainly put:  fitness and the friends I’ve made along the way make me feel good.

The video that follows is just a silly aggregation of random clips give you a peak inside my head when I train, make friends, struggle, sweat…whatever.  Let’s just call it my internal theme music at the present time.

I have such a hard time understanding why people can be so obstinant to these types of lifestyle changes as it all seems like nothing but good in my book.  While I’m lucky to be surrounded by good people and coaches along the way, I don’t believe my experience is a singular one.  I’ve found that group fitness generally attracts supportive people.  Presently, I recognize that consistency across Crossfit affiliates as I travel for work.  I also notice these themes in OrangeTheory, Soul Cycle, Rev, FlyWheel and LesMills as examples.  The only place it never really happened for me was in the silent world of oversized headphones at a big box gym.

So yea, this is a little sappy and melodramatic.  You can deal with it.  Go make your own little highlight reel, won’t ya?!

Stay healthy my friends –



Crossfit Generation drop in – Horsham, PA (@cfgeneration)

My employer as an office outside in Horsham, PA and Crossfit Generation is 5min down the road.  Perfect fit!  As it turns out, the coaches at the other box near where I grew up (see Crossfit Newtown, Matt and Mike) are friendly with the coaches at Crossfit Generation and referred me there. Needless to say, I had to check it out.


And, success. Barry, the owner, was incredibly kind and inviting. He was really accommodating and not pushy about drop in fees and memberships.

Oh, and the facility is sick.  Here’s the video:

There are two dedicated areas. One with turf, sleds, ropes, tires, OLY equipment; the other, w a Rouge rig, power lifting inserts, rings for MUs, jump ropes etc. They also had an area for child supervision while parents are working out. Kids are getting a little cardio in also. 

They’re located here:

417 Caredean Dr
Horsham, PA 19044

If you train in a city, it’s a welcomed change to have smooth running surfaces and to, gasp, smell grass when running.  During my exhausted 400m runs with my eyes half open, it was nice to not thing about catching a curb and rolling my ankle.

Other items to keep in mind:

WOD – scroll down
Drop in fee: $15, 10 class card: $135
No showers, two bathrooms
Limited post workout nutrition that I could find, could be more and I didn’t see it.

There’s a Wawa gas station and convenience store 5 min down the road, which was great for some post workout nutrition before I got on the road.

I’ve been there for two workouts so far and I’ve been challenged both times. I guess that’s Crossfit, right? Aside from that, they take a group approach to stretching, strength, WOD, buy out and cool down. A lot for an hour, but they stay on task.

You gotta give Barry and the crew a go!

Crossfit Love – @Crossfitlovephilly – Philadelphia, PA

A work conference brought me to Philadelphia for a few days.  A buddy of mine started Crossfit this year and seems to have really found a home at Crossfit Love.  Might as well check ’em out, right?  

I dropped in on two back to back days and received two days of focused coaching.  On day one, for strength, we did an EOMOM with hanging and full snatch cleans.  For endurance, we did a mini-“Manion”.  On day two, for strength, we worked on our split jerk.  For endurance, we revisitied “Fight Gone Bad”.  I have to say, I really appreciated the focused coaching on the Olympic lifts.  I received a number of tweaks and pointers for my snatch and split jerk.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • The facility caps most classes at 12, so you MUST MUST MUST sign up online ahead of time.   
  • You can pay for your drop in online (there’s a link below  
  • This is a smaller facility, but don’t let the size fool you or judge a book[blah blah].  You’ll receive personal attention that can be missed at other places and, you’re gonna get worked.  Hey, they had a handful of athletes in Regionals this year, they must be doing something right.  

  • They have a killer Oly facility in the basement called The Chamber.   I’ve never seen this type of dedicated space in my travels and it’s really great to know this is available.  
  • There’s a single shower in the basement, but I didn’t use it.

Drop in info:

  • Go to this site to register
  • Cost: $20 – they might be willing to strike a deal for a few days, so ask.
  • Address:   941 N. Front Street, Philadelphia, PA – Parking is easy, which is a blessing in the city.
  • Phone: 267.687.2858
  • General website
  • Email for questions, cost etc:

All in all, this box worked for my travel schedule; I gained some good points; and, I got great workouts both days. Give them a shot!

    Crossfit University City – Philadelphia, PA – @CFUcity

    Thanks to @WanderingFitness for this contribution:

    I spend a few days a month in Philadelphia teaching at one of the local PA programs, My home box uses wodify for classes and I used their WodiFind app to locate Crossfit University City. Waiver and payment are made through wodify and as I was already a member this was a breeze!


    Sweet CFUcity T.
    Sweet CFUcity T.


    • CrossFit University City
    • 109 S. 24th St.
    • Philadelphia, PA – 19103

    Very easy to find with google maps, there was a large green sign in front of the entrance.


    • Terrence Fenningham
    • Mobile: 215-370-5971
    • Email:




    Drop ins:


    I emailed terrance the night before I planned to drop-in and heard back from one of the coaches in a few hours. I usually describe my self and my crossfit history in the email and ask if they have any specific classes they recommend for drop-in (I had an open schedule that day). They recommended the noon or 430 class.


    20 dollars for a drop in or 60 dollars for a week.


    It is on the second floor, which is a bit atypical for CF boxes based on my previous experiences and they ask you don’t drop weights, no big deal. Overall, the gym had a great atmosphere. All rogue rigs with a few concept 2 rowers in the middle. The gym was very clean and well managed. In regard to storage, there were cubbies along the front wall but no other storage that I identified. Typical bathroom and water fountain, no snacks for post work out or showers(that I identified).

    They have a big black board in the middle of the gym with goals, PR’s, the warm-up and the workout. It would have nice for the WOD to be displayed on the website… but only a small inconvenience.


    I attended the noon class, it was about 3:1 ratio of students to coaches. The lead coach was great, we talked a bit when I got to the gym and he was very engaged throughout the class. He did a great job of involving me as a drop-in and gave great pointers throughout the WOD.

    We had a solid warm-up including the samson stretch, pull-ups, push-ups and rowing. I felt very prepared for the workout. The actual W.O.D was a team work out, one partner on the concept rower completing 500m a tick, the other two working through front squats, toes 2 bar and chest 2 bar pull ups. It was a blast and very scaleable!


    I had a great time, was in and out and back to my day. Would defiantly recommend stopping by Crossfit University City if you are in the area and looking for a place to work-out!



    Crossfit Newtown – Newtown, PA

    Traffic in the northeast is straight misery.  To break things up and avoid the usual Joisy and Philly traffic bottlenecks, I try to get a workout in before heading home.  This time around, I dropped in at Crossfit Newtown after a company meeting.  Conveniently, my family is from nearby , so it all works out.

    Address: 11 Friends Ln #111 Newtown, PA 18940
    Phone: 215-650-7421
    Drop in: $20

    When you follow the Googles to this location, you’ll realize that this is part of a chiropractic practice.  Have no fear, there’s always someone at the desk to point you in the right direction.  For the three times I’ve been there, Katie has been at the desk and made it easy for me to get in the door.  Mike has been my coach each time and he has a very engaged and personal approach.  Needless to say, I felt at home.  See the action shot during the next class’ warm up.


    Here’s the WOD:


    If you squint, I actually made the board so you can validate my attendance. Overhead squats are my nemesis. We also did tabata sit ups for good measure once the WOD was through.

    This facility also trains a few of the local high school sports teams. So, if you want a dose of reality…pay close attention to some of these athletes. Or, ignore entirely. There’s bliss in that latter.

    Sheraton Downtown Philadelphia – Round 2

    Another meeting, another workout challenge. You know the deal, 9 hours of meetings, followed by dinner. Exhausting and demotivating.

    Day 1: Skip lunch and do this:


    This comes from the WOD generator app from Amazon. I added another 1mi “sprint” at the end.  Its cold out and I know my running will suffer once old man winter leaves town.

    Day 2: 6a partner WOD w my business partner.

    Warm up w walking 26 floors, stretch
    100 air squats
    75 sit ups
    50 burpees
    25 thrusters
    10 turkish get ups
    25 hand stand push ups
    50 dumbbell cleans
    75 jumping lunges
    100 DUs

    For a made-up-before-bed workout, it did the job. I used 35lb dumbells for everything and should have used more.

    For recovery, see the bagged powder from my instagram. I didnt have a shaker bottle, so I improvised w disposable coffee cups.