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Swamp Rabbit Crossfit – Greenville, SC – @swamprabbitcrossfit

An excessively delayed flight and a buddy living in Greenville, SC gave me an extra day to explore and drop in to Swamp Rabbit Crossfit.  All in all, this place has it down and makes business travel drop ins reallllly easy.

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Carolina Crossfit, Columbia, SC & Charlotte, NC

Another trip to the Carolinas brought me to Charlotte and Columbia.  While in Charlotte, I stayed at the Sheraton Four Points Airport hotel.  Generally, these gyms are smaller than full service Sheraton hotels. 


This is a pretty cost effective option and there’s a CVS across street. Also, Crossfit South Charlotte in less than a mile away. The north / south light rail also has a station down the street. All things considered, this place works for travel.  These gyms don’t look like much, but I think it offers an opportunity: get in a treadmill workout you wouldn’t normally do. Here was my approach from @crossfit_federalhill:

500m run
10 burpees
400m run
20 burpees
300m run
30 burpees
200m run
40 burpees
100m run

I then headed to Columbia for a meeting and, once my work was done, dropped in at Carolina Crossfit. I was met by Kunze and Reily, great dudes! Thanks again for being cool with me getting in my local box’s workout.


I’ve dropped in here 3 or 4 times. They offer a traditional crossfit class as well as a “balance” class that offers some traditional crossfit movements with some additional emphasis on endurance and mobility. Depending what you’re in the mood for, either class provides a good workout.  Another thing I like about this box is that they generally have open gym between 1 and 4 most days. This works great for me as I like to get my home workouts in when I’m on the road.  And while that first picture doesn’t do this place any justics… this place is massive:


You can only really see half the gym in the above photo. They recently added a new structure w pull up bars, wall ball targets, gymnastics rings and areas for HSPUs.

Address: 1825 Laurel St, Columbia, SC 29201
Phone: 803-479-6966

All in all, a good trip! Thankful to have a few good spots to stay active on the road.

South Carolina Travels – Myrtle Beach & Hilton Head

Myrtle Beach

A diabetes symposium brough me to Myrtle Beach.  Needless to say, if you sit through enough diabetes talks, you’ll get/keep your ass in a gym and out of the hotel lounge.  I stayed at the Sheraton Convention Center which, was well maintained and clean.  I didn’t make it to the hotel gym; however, I did do some research into the local crossfit boxes.  This is a particularly tough time year to travel with the Crossfit Open in full swing because each box tends to have dedicated time for their members to complete the Open workouts.  All good stuff, but a little challenging if you’re trying to find an open gym or get another workout in.

I reached out to both Crossfit Myrtle Beach and Crossfit Crescent Coast.  I left messages for both gym and both were very responsive to my drop in request.  I wound up dropping in at Crossfit Crescent Coast and spoke with Heather.  I chose this box because there was a little more flexibilty in open gym options.  I had space to work on MUs, complete a modified version of the Open 15.3 workout and cool down/strectch.


As for the @spg facility – very similar to all others. On the smaller side regarding space and headroom. Same available equipment. No pull up bars. There is a pool but with the same size constraints as most hotel pools. Pool is square and tends to have kids in it. All things clean and bright to my eyes.

Pit Stop – Manning, SC – JK’s House of Ribs

Boy, what a let down.  The house wasn’t made of ribs?!  Get with the program JK, this is misleading!

I ordered a half slab of ribs, a 1/2 pound of brisket and cole slaw.  Ribs weren’t the fall-of-the-bone kind, but had great flavor if you prefer your ribs this way.  I’m looking for ribs-so-tender that I could eat the bone.  Wait, is that a McRib?  My world is upside down.  But I digress…Brisket had a great crust and was on the fattier side of briskets I’ve had.  But hey, it’s brisket and brisket is fatty and delicious.  Cole slaw was on the sweeter side, less mayo and more mustard/vinegar.  Give it a shot if you’re headed down 95 in SC, it’s 5 min from the highway.  An oasis from the miles of protein bar wrappers that I’ve purchased from gas stations.

Hilton Head

First off, I had a weak moment and went to the Reebok and Vitamin World Outlets.  God, that’s sounds so stereotypical; bah, well, so be it.  Either way, mad sales, yo!  Lifters, sprinters AND nanos for < $175.  Holy S.

Staying at the Westin on the beach; holy beautiful batman.  I explored the running trails in HH and, they are a’plenty.  See a list from the state municipality here.  I drove down to, what looked like, the main area and put in 3-4mi here:


As for the gym, it’s more of the same as to be expected from @spg.  However, there are many more universal machines here than usual gyms…so, you’ll find a leg press, pull downs, one of the crazy life fitness machines with a computer interface.  There’s more ab mats and stretching devices than most places too.  And, most of the treadmills over look the pool as a change from many gyms that are without windows and natural light.  Not to mention, it’s people watching central.



As for dropping in @ a Crossfit box, I found my way to Coastal Carolina Crossfit for a kettle bell mile. (8 RFT, 20 Kbs, 200m run) WTF?!


There’s a good rapport amongst the coaches w the members and they were very responsive to me dropping in. I was working on muscle ups and the owner walked over to coach me. They have a good online system for signing up and paying for classes as well as a number of pricing options depending on how long you’re in town. Check em out!

All in all, it was a fairly fit trip. Good food, good workouts and beautiful weather. And, I scored some sweet swag in the deal.