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CrossFeels and Fitness Friends

There’s something to be said about the relationships you develop through wins, losses, suffering, success – mainly, they’re pretty solid.  This applies to a number of experiences, but today, we’re talking about fitness.  No matter kind of physical activity I’ve undertaken, I generally have found good people and, importantly, life-long friends.  Plainly put:  fitness and the friends I’ve made along the way make me feel good.

The video that follows is just a silly aggregation of random clips give you a peak inside my head when I train, make friends, struggle, sweat…whatever.  Let’s just call it my internal theme music at the present time.

I have such a hard time understanding why people can be so obstinant to these types of lifestyle changes as it all seems like nothing but good in my book.  While I’m lucky to be surrounded by good people and coaches along the way, I don’t believe my experience is a singular one.  I’ve found that group fitness generally attracts supportive people.  Presently, I recognize that consistency across Crossfit affiliates as I travel for work.  I also notice these themes in OrangeTheory, Soul Cycle, Rev, FlyWheel and LesMills as examples.  The only place it never really happened for me was in the silent world of oversized headphones at a big box gym.

So yea, this is a little sappy and melodramatic.  You can deal with it.  Go make your own little highlight reel, won’t ya?!

Stay healthy my friends –



SuitcaseFriends!  The Crossfit Games & Cali Drop ins

Aside from the sweet traps, washboard abs, sqaure jaws and thick thighs, the Crossfit community is arguably the best part of the Crossfit culture.  I have the authority to say this:  I travel, drop in, meet a variety of Crossfitters and the experience is generally the same: a welcoming group, looking to help where they can.  If you can imagine that this culture exists when you drop in to a gym with total strangers, imagine the connections you make with those you suffer with, week in and week out.

This is all a prelude to say thank THANK YOU.  I can take no credit for the write up that follows and must direct you to Ashley @aarnett3 (instagram).  She’s the be(a)st.  She and her motley crew took a week and change to attend the Crossfit Games and hit a number of local boxes in the process.

Take a read and a page out of her book if you’ve got your sights set The Games…as an attendee : )

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Panama Trip, Recovery & Food Shame

After competing in my second competition and fresh off the Crossfit Open, a week of rest was a good idea.  Anyone that’s reasonably committed to their health and fitness will tell you It’s hard to relax when you’re constantly in the mindset of incorporating physical activity into your day.  Tough shit, relax.  It’s good for you.  And, fall off the healthy eating wagon; and, fall hard.  I’m not suggesting you “main line” bacon grease or Jack Daniels like Nikki Six of Motley Crue,  but seriously:  go on vacation, and consume what you want.  I want you to be a little ashamed.  My guess is the calories probably do you good and you really don’t fall off the wagon as hard.  For me, I feel so ready to come back and start crushing my nutrition and workouts, the break is activating.  As a confession, I did a workout on Day 2 at the hotel, but that was all.  I shook the workout bug and just relaxed for the rest of of the trip.


View from offshore of Panama City

View from Volcan Baru (Boquete, Panama)


The wife and I took a trip to Panama this past week and it was just what the doctor ordered.  We visited Panama City and Boquete.  Panama is a great place to visit, especially for those a little scared of traveling.  Panama City is like any other western city and contains all the conveniences you’ve come to expect in large city (tons of cabs, people speak enough English, currency is USD, easy direct flights all over the county).


Liter of beer at Baru Restaurant (Boquete, Panama)


A little activity isn’t a bad thing, my wife and I walked a ton throughout Panama City and Boquete.  Certainly not a caloric offset for the obscene amount of Patacones I consumed (might need a sprint triathlon for that), but enough that the blood was moving…a little.

View of Volcan Baru from the other side of the valley (Boquete, Panama)

So hey, relax, recovery and come back ready to kick some ass.