Audible Amphetamine

How many times have I been on the road and just felt like a pile of s$% and not willing to work out?  Well, nearly every time.  There’s no energy in cramming yourself into a coach-class seat while your rowmate devours an Auntie Anne’s pretzel 15min in to a 5 hour flight without any napkins.  Effing kill me.

Music is my oasis.  A new energizing hit gasses me up for pending workout.  Some downtempo house calms me amidst commuting chaos.  You’ll find a number of my favorites below.  What artists are doing it for you?  Share share share please please please.

When I first started Crossfit in Dec 2013, Periphery was (and still is) my rock anthem.

Turn it up and just let the track kick in.

Easily one of my fave guitar solos/outros.

Let’s throw back my fitness voyage to 1997 when I was in highschool.  Which albums were in my CD player…?


Around The Fur

Vulgar Display of Power

Far Beyond Driven

Before that, what was in my walkman, you ask?  Metallica, Motley Crue, Skid Row, Megadeth.

Just writing this brings me back to struggling with a mid-80s weight bench and some budget concrete weights in my parents dingy basement w a neighborhood buddy.

Enter EDM.  You are my guilty pleasure. Here’s my starred list:

I love me some dubstep, but may have overdone it out of the gate. Suggestions welcome.

Any ideas on trap, rap etc? On this, I’m a little lost.

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