My Home Box: Crossfit Oldtown (Alexandria).

Believe it or not, I don’t travel 100% of the time.  When I’m not on the road, Crossfit Old Town is my home.  When you’re in DC, make it your home too.  Here’s why!


So, Jerry Hill is the dude.  Not like Big-Lebowski-drinking-white-russians-during-WODs (but I think he can do that too), but an infectious ball of positivity that finds its way into every corner of the gym.

Importantly, this attitude finds its way to the rest of the coaching staff and members.  The newest athelete fresh out of foundations – the fairly consistent aspirational crossfitter (me) – the veteran (to both crossfit and/or the armed forces) –  the retiree: the attention and passion is consistent.  For the record, he won the CF Games in the masters division in 2014.  Which clearly adds to his credibility and underscores his humility.  Hell, just come and hang out with Jerry or workout or both.

Adam Murphy and Jerry collaborate around programming and Kelley Fox is an awesome resource for endurance training…and laughs.  Most often, you’ll find these three in some organization coaching morning (Adam), affectionately Lunch-Bunch (Kelley) and evening (grab bag of Jerry, Kelley and Adam).

I can say that no matter the class I attend, I find there’s always a coach looking out for my form or simply ways to get help me be more efficient.  That really means something to me because it would be easy for the coaches to focus their attention else where because I’m performing “well enough”.
Crossfit Kids is a program run by Jerry’s wife Candee.  Needless to say, there’s something for everyone here.

The link above provides additional information on coaches and their background.


The Crossfit community is a welcoming one and this group is no exception.  It’s weird how everyone hugs before each WOD, but I’ve gotten used to that…and the tattoos.  Drink the Koolaid, it’s delicious.

Jokes and jokes…but really,  come and have fun and sweat and endure the suck with the rest of us.  I have to say, this membership is as diverse in age and ability as I’ve seen.  That’s important because you shouldn’t be intimidated to drop in as you’ll likely find someone that matches your demographics.  Seriously, one weekend is was me, a female in her 40s, a fella a few years my senior and a gentleman in his 70s.  We made it work and that’s the beauty of this sport of fitness.    The link above will take you to the Facebook page and Jerry gets a lot of good and, well, WOD-face pictures.  Some excerpts…

Hey good-looking, whatcha got cooking? Cause I’m hungry, Seriously.
Swag swag swag with the lunch bunch
Easily, a most awesome WOD face

Set your GPS for Oldtown Alexandria!  Crossfit Oldtown was an old carwash, now situated in Oldtown Alexandria, VA.  An easy (~10min) stop from the airport.  For the traveler, they have men’s and women’s (we’re not THAT close) showers.  Good luck not sweating through your freshly pressed work shirt after your shower – you’ll be clean, but your colleagues might question your professionalism and what you “Do” during your “lunch break”.

Some additional specs:

  • Site
  • WOD
  • Schedule
  • Drop In Info: Come 15 min early and speak to the coach – $20 fee.
  • Location
  • Open Gym/Independent programming: No.
  • Phone Number: None
  • Contact (email)
  • Credit cards accepted: Yes
  • Online class check in, waiver and payment: No (but they use Wodify)
  • Showers: Yes
  • Lockers/Storage: Yes, cubbies but not lockers.
  • Requires contact from you / home box before attending: No
  • Offers discounted rates for multiple days: Unsure.
  • Kitchen: No. Cold storage in rear.
  • Additional Services: Crossfit kids (daily), Endurance (Sunday),
  • Food for purchase: Best Bar Ever. A Harris Teeter grocery store is 1 block away and has tons of choices for pre/post WOD nutrition.

So yea, drop in and stop thinking about it!  This comes from a someone that visits other Crossfit boxes every week due to my job and can confirm:  CFOT does it right.

Stay healthy my friends –