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Prescription for Type 2 diabetes and general malaise 

Can we just cut this shit already. Get to work.


Suitcase Kitchen: Stuffed Pork

Happy new year!  Yes, it’s still an appropriate pleasantry as this is my first real post of 2017.  I gather a mess of you are in the midst of a New Year’s Resolution or just trying to pick up the pieces after a messy (read: fun) holiday season.  I fall into the latter category.  Every year.

No need for excessive motivational words.  Long and short: Prepare.   There’s simply no better return on investment that having quality meals available.  You’ll be better in the gym, better at work, patient with your spouse, kids and will miraculously learn calculus.  I like pork, here’s a recipe.

If you need some motivation, check out my last motivational video regarding fitness communities.  We’re here for you.

I’ve been a little lazy on my posting in this space, but I remain pretty active on Instagram (@suitcasefitness) – follow me there.

Keep at it!

–  SF

Announcing: Suitcase Kitchen!

I was sitting at a bar and oddly enough, the conversation I was having turned the corner down the dark alley of healthy lifestyles and related meals/nutrition.  Yes, I was at a bar.  Drinking.  Without going totally off the rails, I’ll say this:  If you can’t strike a balance between healthy living and everything else, your healthy lifestyle will fail.  

So, why Suitcase Kitchen?  Having “healthy” choices available is the cornerstone of EVERY LIFESTYLE CHANGE YOU MAKE and, shocker, feeling like a boss.  No matter which Temple of Nutrition (paleo, veg, vegan etc) you attend OR which “diet” you recently failed, you know this is true.  The problem: people don’t know/like/enjoy cooking, so the wheels fall off the wagon fast.

The solution:  become independently wealthy and hire a chef.  Or, SACK UP AND MAKE FOOD YOU LIKE.

My goal is to give you “The Why” and “The How”, so you can tackle any healthy lifestyle.  I’ll talk about WHY I’m making a particular dish for the purposes of efficiency and health science.  Does me being a pharmacist make me the authority on diets?  No, but I do understand diets and have/continue to experiment with them.  At that time, I was a line cook at a place called Charcoal Steaks n’ Things.  I still don’t know what “n’ Things” are, but I do know I learned the basics about cooking there and that’s been my biggest weapon against feeling like trash.  Kitchen skills, like nunchuck skills, is “The How” of this equation.  The basic tips I share will aim to make it easier to be that Monday to Friday, Weekday Warrior.  For me, the weekends are for cheating on my healthy choices with other slutty food choices.  Just to keep the mind right when the week rolls around.

The other part is trying to capture some kitchen energy and get a little weird.

And, I want to get weird with you.  So, if you’re having fun, send me some video and I’ll incorporate you into my next post.  If you have requests, send those too (suitcasefitness@gmail.com).  Together, we can create critical mass that can help others.

I know this is cheesey, but F$%^ it:  I feel good every day and this feeling influences everything I do.  A healthy lifestyle is the first step to getting on track and changing your outlook.  I’ve come in peace and I’m here to help.

Up next: beef jerky, stay tuned!